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A Challenge Worthy of You

Sick of games that look slick, but the gameplay turns out to be walking around slowly picking up toilet rolls or some other shit and doing nothing? Repossessed isn’t like that. It takes the power of the Quest and sees how many bad guys it can get coming at you in your opening seconds. It sets a challenge worthy of your attention. Thousands of zombies. A hundred plus on the screen at any time. And one bite is all it takes for you to be dead.

The World

When the end came, nobody was that surprised. How could we be? Modern history was reading more and more like some crappy dystopian fanfiction every day. Everyone above a certain age had already experienced what it was like to live in a declining world. Everyone under a certain age knew their inheritance was a dog shit wrapped in a burning paper bag. 

Still though. The actual way it went down? The thing with the influencers, and the new drug, and the ‘Ultimate Filter’ or whatever it was? 

Yeah, that came as a bit of a surprise. There was some irony there, of course. Sensible people mocked these influencers. These preening nobody’s who wanted a free hotel stay in return for a picture shared with a hundred idiots scattered around the world with a net worth of a potato. This new invention of a decaying society, this downward spiral of a feedback loop that kept circling the toilet bowl, never quite managing to flush itself away.

Quite the thing that they influenced the world to its knees and destroyed society as we know it.

They took this place from us. They occupied the places we lived, and worked. Our homes. They came into our lives and they turned them into something else. 

But we’re fighting back. Say what you want about the end of the world. It brought us together. We don’t fight amongst ourselves anymore. Fuck - we don’t have the time. 

You’ve got Randeev Pardhan and his elusive Dank Brotherhood, they’re retaking the factories west of the bridge. 

Hells Chalice, this bunch of guys with biking leathers and Santa beards, they make the weapons and they share them out like candy.

And then there’s you and your City Repo crew. Not content with just hit and run, or making do, or getting by. You want to take it all back, one room, one floor, one building at a time. You want to go into these places that they’ve taken from us, and clear them out. 

You want to take something back, to stand on the threshold with your crew at your back and say ‘this place is ours now’. 

You want Repossession. 

The Game

Be Bold

There’s only so much power to go round. Move fast, move hard, or you’ll be fighting the horde in the dark. Earn generator time with every kill, but once the lights are out on a floor, they’re out.

Be Brave

Repossessed will throw thousands of zombies at you in a single playthrough. Pushing the Quest to its limits, you’ll see more than a hundred on screen at any given moment. What you do next is up to you.

Be Alert

Use your ears. Listen out to the movement of the horde. Check those corners and don’t make more noise than you have to. By the time you hear them behind you it’s too late.

Be Good

One bite is all it takes. One bite and you’re dead. No take backs. Clear out every floor of the building in one playthrough or become a permanent fixture.

Be Awesome

With original music, or add your own files to your Quest and have your own music play in game. 

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